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Cleveland Photographer “Shoots” Sporting Photography

I just got back from a shooting in Argentina with SCI’s Jeff Hunter. He was in pursuit of record breaking trophies and we found them. It was like nothing I’ve ever done. Quite a thrill to see and document his hunts. We flew the ten hours from Houston, Texas to Buenos Aires, Argentina landed and was out hunting that afternoon. The next day we were off to Province of Entre Rios for more trophy pursuits. Jeff was successful at every location. READ MORE

Sports Photographer Photographing Hunting Dogs

We had a little different shoot last week. I had brought along one of my digital cameras and a long lens while I was helping a friend train his champion shorthair and german wirehair pointers. These dogs are “unbelievable”. Faster then you can imagine and catch scent of a chukar while doing it.

Derek Plyler has trained and raised quite a few award winning hunting dogs. He’s located outside of Medina Ohio and works these dogs almost ever night. Last week was another big push to tune this pointers for the upcoming competitions. We set out chukars – a very cool looking game bird.

A dog is then released on a command – “bird” – and a dog is off so fast it’s hard to keep up with him.

When the dog finds the bird he goes on point. Which makes for quite a cool photograph.

Professional Shooting and Amateur Hunting

Starting out the week attending the Marie Piscopo workshop ( put on by Tri-C and www.asmp-onc our local ASMP professional photography group. Interesting and enlightening. Jumped in to shooting some senior portraits both
on location and in the studio. Always fun.

Studio shots are even more challenging in that I have to come up with interesting angles and niches to pull out the best photos.

I received a copy of the new menu Rick Shaffer ( ) and I had worked on in New York city. The piece turned out fantastic.

Towards the middle of the week we did some good old fashion Industrial Photography with sparks and all. Cleveland is still
loaded with plenty of manufacturing businesses that need quality photography.

This time of year I’m off as often as possible to follow another shooting love. Bird hunting.

I went back to New York State for
some pheasant, grouse and duck hunting for a long four day hunt.
We were very successfull starting out with 75 degree days
and turning into some of the worst rain storms I’ve seen this early in the season.

The last day the winds changed around and we had our limit of ducks in record time. Great Hunt.

The whole time I was out playing I had Jim Baron and Amy Weiser covering the Battle of the Corporate Bands at a place
I’ve shot endless photos from days gone pass. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They did an excellent job of covering
the event.