Cleveland Photographer shoots the Adirondack Mountains


Or at least fish the Adirondack Mountains. Just came back from our annual trip up north…. northern New York state. Rain, wind, rain, snow – you name it … of course you would not know it from these photos.
Here is a shot of the key VIP’s – Jake Stata in the bow. Photo taken by Jeff James. Nice. Black canoe, loaded and on the move. Just coming into ST. Regis ponds. Check out the video for all the shots.

Cleveland Photographer covers Shaquille O’Neal

Stata Productions recently covered the still photography for a local video company: Access Video.  The coverage was Cavs superstar Shaquille O’Neal.  Hal Stata was on location in Vegas covering the Shot show so Jim Baron covered for Stata Productions.  Here are a few of Jim’s shots taken on location at the Cleveland Clinic Courts Visitor’s Locker Room.img_2684img_2698shaq

Product photography on location and in the studio


Just pulled up some images we shot this fall – yes when it was green and much warmer…. best time to shoot outdoor photography.  We’ve been shooting for several years for this advertising –  website company that produces all kinds of straps for the outdoor market.   Which of course if anyone knows me – outdoor products in the field are right up my alley.  _mg_3147

Rain, snow, in this case mud bring it on – we have the gear to shoot all products in all conditions.


Cleveland Photographer Shoots Football Hall of Fame Canton Ohio

Once again thanks to Studio 7 photography: we helped to shoot the Canton 2009 Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony and game the following nite.  As always lots of shots and lots of fun… the rain held off and all our equipment stayed dry.  We covered the ceremony, crowd interaction, speakers, inductees, and the actual game and fireworks and of course the cheerleaders._mg_6452_mg_6533_mg_6384_mg_6327_mg_6785_mg_6744_mg_6933_mg_6925_mg_7031

Cleveland Professional Photographer has been busy shooting sporting good products.


We’ve been shooting sporting goods products in the studio and in the field – sometimes very cold – lay on the ground to get the angle freezing cold.  Of course if anyone knows me – waterfowl products shots are right up my alley…. or swamp


Whether we’re shooting decoys or attire or soft goods – it always gets interesting shooting over water.


It’s also nice to have the lighting control and temperature control to shoot in the studio – especially in the middle of winter.


Cleveland Photographer and Graphic Designer work up a great Holiday card

We – Dave Szalay and I just finished working up a great holiday card for a client in Cleveland Ohio. 

Our client had a very strange looking (but cool) looking hairless cat. 

His idea was to get a background and drop himself and his fiancee into the scene with the cat (cats) pulling the sled.  So I found a winter scene in Medina Ohio and pulled the rest of the photography off in the studio.  Dave put everthing together and we had the cards printed.  Everyone was happy.

Cleveland Photographer “Shoots” Sporting Photography

I just got back from a shooting in Argentina with SCI’s Jeff Hunter. He was in pursuit of record breaking trophies and we found them. It was like nothing I’ve ever done. Quite a thrill to see and document his hunts. We flew the ten hours from Houston, Texas to Buenos Aires, Argentina landed and was out hunting that afternoon. The next day we were off to Province of Entre Rios for more trophy pursuits. Jeff was successful at every location.

The landscape was incredible and the people were warm and friendly.

Our bird boy found the waders to be something else.Cl

Sports Photographer Photographing Hunting Dogs

We had a little different shoot last week. I had brought along one of my digital cameras and a long lens while I was helping a friend train his champion shorthair and german wirehair pointers. These dogs are “unbelievable”. Faster then you can imagine and catch scent of a chukar while doing it.

Derek Plyler has trained and raised quite a few award winning hunting dogs. He’s located outside of Medina Ohio and works these dogs almost ever night. Last week was another big push to tune this pointers for the upcoming competitions. We set out chukars – a very cool looking game bird.

A dog is then released on a command – “bird” – and a dog is off so fast it’s hard to keep up with him.

When the dog finds the bird he goes on point. Which makes for quite a cool photograph.

The hunter or trainer then moves in to flush the bird.

He then shoots the bird and if he hits it the dog is released to retrieve.