Senior Portraits in Cleveland Ohio

It’s that time of year again when we find ourselves shooting some great senior portraits in Cleveland.


Senior Portraits

I’m often asked to photo friends, family and clients high school students in the studio or on location – the beach (huntington), or in Cleveland’s many metro park locations.  It give’s me a chance to shoot some different kinds of shots since the kids are always looking for non-traditional senior photos.  It gets real interesting when we start shooting  siblings since I’m not allowed to shoot any shots similar then  I did for their sister the year before.  Always pushing the limit.


We are actively booking senior portraits now:  so if you’re interested in scheduling a shoot

please contact me at 216-621-1977

Hal Stata

Stata Productions

Beauty Health and Lifestyle Photography in Cleveland Ohio

We just finished working with Tracy Watts expert hair colorist for the stars. Stars of Ohio and the U.S. that is. Speaking of stars Tracy’s subjects added a great deals of sparkle to our shoot. Alex, Meghan and Diana were fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone looking for fresh faces. We shot in the hair salon and the outside lobby which was a little tough at first but with some special lighting we pulled out some great shots.
If you would like to get a hold of Tracy please contact her at her cell at:

Senior Portraits in Downtown Cleveland Studio

It’s that time of year when the phone starts ringing from friends and client’s looking for something different for their kids senior portraits. Always fun and interesting to come up with new shots…especially if I shot their older siblings. It can’t look like my sisters shots.

We typically shoot in the air-conditioned comfort of the studio and then work our way outside if that is what the student is looking for. Several clothing changes, hair, make-up, etc.

Sometimes the next sibling gets in the shot… but she’ll have to wait for her shots.

For more details contact Hal Stata @ 216-621-1977.

Industrial, Event, Portrait and even Wedding Photography

We’ve been traveling all over the place this summer. Shot thru out Ohio and Michigan. Photographing people, places, and things. It’s nice to see new areas and meet new people.

We’ve also been shooting some interesting stuff locally. It’s nice to be able to drive ten minutes up the road and set up some
great shots with beautiful models I might add.

We shot for a local company that produces catalogs. Catologue photography
moves quick and there are usually a ton of shots to be taken.
Did a few projects in the studio. It’s nice to have a loft like studio where clients can come and relax and work on some creative shots.

From time to time we shoot Senior portraits and weddings for our clients. It’s nice to work with interesting people and pull out some great shots.

Finished up yesterday with some event photography.

Professional Shooting and Amateur Hunting

Starting out the week attending the Marie Piscopo workshop ( put on by Tri-C and www.asmp-onc our local ASMP professional photography group. Interesting and enlightening. Jumped in to shooting some senior portraits both
on location and in the studio. Always fun.

Studio shots are even more challenging in that I have to come up with interesting angles and niches to pull out the best photos.

I received a copy of the new menu Rick Shaffer ( ) and I had worked on in New York city. The piece turned out fantastic.

Towards the middle of the week we did some good old fashion Industrial Photography with sparks and all. Cleveland is still
loaded with plenty of manufacturing businesses that need quality photography.

This time of year I’m off as often as possible to follow another shooting love. Bird hunting.

I went back to New York State for
some pheasant, grouse and duck hunting for a long four day hunt.
We were very successfull starting out with 75 degree days
and turning into some of the worst rain storms I’ve seen this early in the season.

The last day the winds changed around and we had our limit of ducks in record time. Great Hunt.

The whole time I was out playing I had Jim Baron and Amy Weiser covering the Battle of the Corporate Bands at a place
I’ve shot endless photos from days gone pass. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They did an excellent job of covering
the event.

The week of September 10th.

I started out the week shooting a wedding for a client of mine. Lots of fun and quite a few opportunities for some great shots.

We kept up the pace with portraits in the studio and on location in the greater Cleveland area.

Mid week shot some fun ads for a local business to business advertising agency. Of course the product exploded over night.

I finished the week reviewing shots for the 2006 Girls of The Gunrunner calendar and shooting artwork for Neil Hamilton.

The life of a photographer. It changes everyday.