Fresh faces photographed at Stata Productions on the west bank of Cleveland’s “flats”

couplesI just finished uploading a new video of still images I’ve been shooting in the studio.  Mainly to help people see the different shots we can shoot under one roof.  Check it out you might see yourself in here.

Cleveland Photographer Shoots Glow in the Dark Fish – with a camera!


We recently did a photo shoot for a General Electric Ad using glow in the dark fish.  I’ve never heard of such

a animal but here they are.. and small.  These guys are about a half of an inch long.  Here are a few raw shots that were used to come up with the finished  ad.


Here is the link for the final layout:

Out Cold.

Cleveland Professional Photographer has been busy shooting sporting good products.


We’ve been shooting sporting goods products in the studio and in the field – sometimes very cold – lay on the ground to get the angle freezing cold.  Of course if anyone knows me – waterfowl products shots are right up my alley…. or swamp


Whether we’re shooting decoys or attire or soft goods – it always gets interesting shooting over water.


It’s also nice to have the lighting control and temperature control to shoot in the studio – especially in the middle of winter.


Cleveland Photographer and Graphic Designer work up a great Holiday card

We – Dave Szalay and I just finished working up a great holiday card for a client in Cleveland Ohio. 

Our client had a very strange looking (but cool) looking hairless cat. 

His idea was to get a background and drop himself and his fiancee into the scene with the cat (cats) pulling the sled.  So I found a winter scene in Medina Ohio and pulled the rest of the photography off in the studio.  Dave put everthing together and we had the cards printed.  Everyone was happy.