Cleveland Photographer Shoots Kids in Flight Charity Event.


We just finished this Saturday with the production of Kids in Flight Charity event.  Everyone was in high spirits and there was a huge group

of volunteers to make everything run smoothly.  Continental Airlines not only supplied the hanger for the event but the huge prop for a background.

What a sponsor.


Marie Weybrecht event was a huge success, again.


Healthcare and Medical Photography shot in Cleveland, Ohio

Medical Portraits on location

Medical Portraits on location

Just finished a new piece for the internet of some of my medical photography.  Whether shooting prototypes in the studio of new and inventive

Cleveland, Ohio products or in the operating room at one of many of Cleveland’s award winning hospitals Stata Productions has you covered.

Healthcare photography

Healthcare photography

Cleveland Photographer Shooting Virtual Tours

statavr1We’ve been shooting quite a few high resolution Virtual Reality tours of Health care facilities, manufacturing plants, and aviation – The process is not the same as what the real estate market uses.  These tours are made up of ten vertical images stitched together to allow the viewer to see a 360 degree scene of a room, facility or inside a plane.

Here are a few pieces stretched out for you to see the process.


Cleveland photographer shooting medical healthcare photography.

Medical Photography

Medical Photography

We’ve actively shooting in the operating room again for a major medical hospital in the surrounding Cleveland area. Very intense and always some cool lighting trouble shooting to work thru._mg_8054

Cleveland has a strong lasik eye surgery practice and I’m often called on to shoot professional shots

of doctors, lasik operating equipment and the medical building in which their services are performed. _mg_0467lasik-eye-doctors

Shooting Health Care thru the eyes of a Cleveland Photographer

Hospital Interior MichiganProfessional Healthcare

HealthcareOperating table

We’ve been busy in  Cleveland, Indy and Michigan shooting promotional images and Virtual Tours for several area health care providers.  The people that work in these service areas have been great. We are often hired directly but sometimes we have the added bonus of an Advertising agencies insight. Which helps with the flow of the shoot.  The industry seems to be growing and there has been a great deal  of opportunity to make these locations shine.

Physical TherapyState of the Art Professional Heathcare equipment

Cleveland Photographer Shoots Medical Products

We just finished up with some high end medical products designed for the spine industry. Working in the studio at Stata Productions we were able to make this
equipment sparkle. We have been shooting quite a few medical prototypes for companies
in the Cleveland area and out of state as well.

After we decided on which images the client wanted I had Dave Potokar from outline all the products.
There was quite a lot of outlining but the client was very happy with the freedom this allowed him for future needs.

Event and Headshot Photography

Keeping busy in Cleveland Ohio and neighboring areas shooting events and portraits.
We often shoot in the studio since we’re so close to downtown Cleveland and all the offices…. but on occasion we’ll take the studio to you. Background, lights, and camera to your location. Very convenient for our clients.
We also shoot award ceremonies, corporate announcements and accomplishments- you name it.

Medical Device and Product Photography

I’ve been asked to shoot several medical device shots in the last couple of weeks. It’s always a bonus when the client comes to the location where all the toys, and photographic equipment lives. Better then packing it all up and hauling to a location shoot but of course we do both.
We generally shoot with the intention of an Art Director taking the images and outlining and dropping them into a brochure or website but I believe any of these images could stand up on their own with any help.