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Cleveland Photographer shoots the Adirondack Mountains

Or at least fish the Adirondack Mountains. Just came back from our annual trip up north…. northern New York state. Rain, wind, rain, snow – you name it … of course you would not know it from these photos.
Here is a shot of the key VIP’s – Jake Stata in the bow. Photo taken by Jeff James. Nice. Black canoe, loaded and on the move. Just coming into ST. Regis ponds. Check out the video for all the shots.

Cleveland Photographer Shooting Virtual Tours

We’ve been shooting quite a few high resolution Virtual Reality tours of Health care facilities, manufacturing plants, and aviation – The process is not the same as what the real estate market uses.  These tours are made up of ten vertical images stitched together to allow the viewer to see a 360 degree scene of a room, facility or inside a plane. READ MORE

Cleveland Photographer covers Shaquille O’Neal

Stata Productions recently covered the still photography for a local video company: Access Video.  The coverage was Cavs superstar Shaquille O’Neal.  Hal Stata was on location in Vegas covering the Shot show so Jim Baron covered for Stata Productions.  Here are a few of Jim’s shots taken on location at the Cleveland Clinic Courts Visitor’s Locker Room.