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Just finished a new video on my original photography. Cancel the stock be original.  When it comes to showing “your” message there is only one way to go – hire a professional photographer  to represent your company, your people, your product.

Product photography on location and in the studio


Just pulled up some images we shot this fall – yes when it was green and much warmer…. best time to shoot outdoor photography.  We’ve been shooting for several years for this advertising –  website company that produces all kinds of straps for the outdoor market.   Which of course if anyone knows me – outdoor products in the field are right up my alley.  _mg_3147

Rain, snow, in this case mud bring it on – we have the gear to shoot all products in all conditions.


Aviation and Model Photography from a Warmer Cleveland Ohio

I just found the time to post a job we did on the runway when the leaves where on the trees and the weather was warmer… late fall but a beautiful day.  We were working with professional models from 1Layout 1Layout 1

We had a lot of shooting to do and the light was coming and going with the incoming clouds.  We ended up with some great images. Organization and direction was from another great talent  – Liz Fisher _mg_1903

_mg_20671_mg_2031One of my favorite photography productions is photographing people… and professional models can give you any look your after._mg_2122

Senior Portraits in Cleveland Ohio

It’s that time of year again when we find ourselves shooting some great senior portraits in Cleveland.


Senior Portraits

I’m often asked to photo friends, family and clients high school students in the studio or on location – the beach (huntington), or in Cleveland’s many metro park locations.  It give’s me a chance to shoot some different kinds of shots since the kids are always looking for non-traditional senior photos.  It gets real interesting when we start shooting  siblings since I’m not allowed to shoot any shots similar then  I did for their sister the year before.  Always pushing the limit.


We are actively booking senior portraits now:  so if you’re interested in scheduling a shoot

please contact me at 216-621-1977

Hal Stata

Stata Productions

Lighting Application Photography on location in Kansas City Kansas

We – the creative director and myself just finished shooting lighting products on location in Leavenworth Kansas – just outside of Kansas City.  Yes there were many correctional facitilies there.  We shot from ground level and also up in a 60 foot bucket truck.  60 feet does not sound that high until your up there and the wind kicks up._mg_4212

Low level Aerial Photography

Low level Aerial Photography


We ended up jumping right into shooting the first nite we flew in…. rain was coming and it did for the next couple of days.  Never hurts to have a few rain days scheduled into a shoot.  Our days usually lasted into the next morning – like 1 or 2

The final nite was indoors.  We were shooting LED lighting on a new refrigeration product.  We had hired a few models to help with this project and again it was a late nite.  The ladies worked out well with the shinning star was little Sarah.big-box-storesshopping

Here is a shot of Sarah waiting for the shoot to start… pricelesssarah_mg_5219

Professional photographer heads south to photograph a Political fundraiser


Senator Sherrod Brown

We just finished up with a private dinner fundraiser for Senator Sherrod Brown.  We shot in Allen and Christine Schulman’s  beautiful home  in Canton Ohio.


Connie Schultz

Lots of great photo opportunities…. including the Senator wife Connie Schultz.

Also in attendance was Congressman John Boccieri.