Cleveland Photographer Shoots Kids in Flight Charity Event.


We just finished this Saturday with the production of Kids in Flight Charity event.  Everyone was in high spirits and there was a huge group

of volunteers to make everything run smoothly.  Continental Airlines not only supplied the hanger for the event but the huge prop for a background.

What a sponsor.


Marie Weybrecht event was a huge success, again.


Fresh faces photographed at Stata Productions on the west bank of Cleveland’s “flats”

couplesI just finished uploading a new video of still images I’ve been shooting in the studio.  Mainly to help people see the different shots we can shoot under one roof.  Check it out you might see yourself in here.

Cleveland Photographer photographing kids and products.

We just recently had the opportunity to shoot some new products. A client of mine Shaffer Design brought a new shooting challenge in to the studio. Photographing kids and a new cup line. Kids are always fun. The nice thing was we had several of stars to
help out with the shoot. Everyone jumped in to work with the “talent” including the moms.