Cleveland Photographer Photographs Original Photography


Just finished a new video on my original photography. Cancel the stock be original.  When it comes to showing “your” message there is only one way to go – hire a professional photographer  to represent your company, your people, your product.

Cleveland Photographer photographs in the factory.

Flashes back to the days of film… cut my teeth on factory photography in the eighties.  Oil on the floor and in the air.  Companies would bring professional photographers in to shoot their dark and dirty processes and people.  You have to know what your doing ….. it’s all about the lights.


Cleveland Editorial Photographer Shoots Controversal Cover


We were commissioned to shoot some controversal photography for a current magazine in the Cleveland – Akron area last month.  The article was just published and here are a few samples of my work.  april-cover-story-1

I had done some testing before this shoot.  Coming up with some very grainy shots…. which you may have seen

on my facebook page…. I think it was a little to much and the final shots the artist used worked out well.


Cleveland Photographer Shoots United Way Campaign.

We had a lot of fun and got some great shots of some exciting people at a recent United Way campaign shoot.  We set up a studio on location and just kept the people coming thru. _mg_1247_mg_1257_mg_1465_mg_1281

We photographed all ages and everyone brought their A game.


Industrial Product Photography in Cleveland Akron Ohio

Just finishing up some interesting and nicely lite manufactured tool photography. We’ve been shooting in the studio for awhile. Mostly documentation product photography for the catalogue. Then we got a chance to shoot at the plant just outside of Cleveland.
We then shot quite a few close ups of product applications. Which will be cleaned up and adjusted to bring out the motion of the product with Photoshop.

I then finished shooting some beauty shots in the studio which turned out to be a big hit.

Automotive Product Photography in Cleveland Ohio

Back in the studio. This time shooting test equipment of the automotive industry. Another cool product produced in Cleveland. It never seizes to amaze me the number of different products and services that are based in our home town.
It wasn’t easy taming these cords but with some magic wax and some fishing line we ended up with some pretty cool shots.

Professional Product Photographer shoots lighting fixtures in the Studio.

It was nice to have the creative director and the products show up at the studio when the snow and cold was hitting Cleveland. Nothing better this time of year to work out of our studio on the west bank of Cleveland’s “flats”. The side that actually has some activity on it. We were coming up with some interesting angles of a new line of lighting fixtures for a local client – lighted and unlighted. We naturally cranked out quite a few shots that day.

Jeff Slater from and I solved the client’s visual needs some cool angles and forced perspective shots.

Call it Green or Recycling photography in Cleveland Ohio

It seems we’ve been working on quite a few different accounts working to clean up the environment. From high end sorters which pull cans out of the general trash to recycling and baling cardboard for publications. I’m just glad it was too cold to smell anything on these particular jobs. Good clean work at 15 degrees.
Summer time it wouldn’t be too much fun.
This last group of shots were done in Galion Ohio… yes we often travel to exotic
locations to shoot different projects. Akron, Columbus, Cinci, and out of state and on occasion out of the country.