Fresh faces photographed at Stata Productions on the west bank of Cleveland’s “flats”

couplesI just finished uploading a new video of still images I’ve been shooting in the studio.  Mainly to help people see the different shots we can shoot under one roof.  Check it out you might see yourself in here.

Cleveland Photographer “Shoots” Girls and Guns Calendar!


I know – people always sterotype photographers into shooting beautiful girls for a living…. but sometimes we actually do.  It was one very long day shooting 15 months for a local gun shop in Burton, Ohio… Ok if you know that much -then let’s  say it’s The Girls of the Gunrunner Calendar – 2009/2010.


Instead of running all over the country side – “greater Cleveland, Ohio” we stuck to getting everything shot in the studio.  I think it worked out great._mg_5749We ended up working with two model agencies in Cleveland and Canton.  I believe it will be a higher quality calendar in the long run._mg_5298

I was able to set this scenarios to look like a bedroom scene… of course it’s in the middle of the graphic designer’s work area.  Should have done a pull back._mg_5632I think I was shooting coffee cups or something the next day… some days are diamonds – some days are ………..

Cleveland Photographer shoots women’s high end fashions

We’ve been shooting some fun high end fashion dresses and customers of Audrey’s Sweet Threads on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio. After shooting foxcroft consulting and Shaffer Design choose and design the images to go into the Plaindealer and Currents Newspapers.
The store has been very fortunate to have some great clients to come in and wear – display their
evening, prom, and business attire for the camera.

Fashion and Clothing Photography in Cleveland Ohio

We just finished shooting a whirlwind fashion line for Julie Ganim clothing. Julie and her crew of co-walker, clients, and family helped to organize an incredible number of outfits and looks at Stata Productions studio.

We ended up shooting over forty different outfits thought out the studio area, hallway and various seamless backgrounds. The models were great and Julie’s group was well organized and we accomplished a great number of shots in one day.

At the end of the day we shot the whole line over for fabric swatches. The colors and patterns really jumped. Beautiful arrangements of material, buttons, and zippers.

Beauty Health and Lifestyle Photography in Cleveland Ohio

We just finished working with Tracy Watts expert hair colorist for the stars. Stars of Ohio and the U.S. that is. Speaking of stars Tracy’s subjects added a great deals of sparkle to our shoot. Alex, Meghan and Diana were fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone looking for fresh faces. We shot in the hair salon and the outside lobby which was a little tough at first but with some special lighting we pulled out some great shots.
If you would like to get a hold of Tracy please contact her at her cell at: