Cleveland Photographer Photographs Original Photography


Just finished a new video on my original photography. Cancel the stock be original.  When it comes to showing “your” message there is only one way to go – hire a professional photographer  to represent your company, your people, your product.

Cleveland Photographer shoots the Adirondack Mountains


Or at least fish the Adirondack Mountains. Just came back from our annual trip up north…. northern New York state. Rain, wind, rain, snow – you name it … of course you would not know it from these photos.
Here is a shot of the key VIP’s – Jake Stata in the bow. Photo taken by Jeff James. Nice. Black canoe, loaded and on the move. Just coming into ST. Regis ponds. Check out the video for all the shots.

Fresh faces photographed at Stata Productions on the west bank of Cleveland’s “flats”

couplesI just finished uploading a new video of still images I’ve been shooting in the studio.  Mainly to help people see the different shots we can shoot under one roof.  Check it out you might see yourself in here.

Senior Portraits in Cleveland Ohio

It’s that time of year again when we find ourselves shooting some great senior portraits in Cleveland.


Senior Portraits

I’m often asked to photo friends, family and clients high school students in the studio or on location – the beach (huntington), or in Cleveland’s many metro park locations.  It give’s me a chance to shoot some different kinds of shots since the kids are always looking for non-traditional senior photos.  It gets real interesting when we start shooting  siblings since I’m not allowed to shoot any shots similar then  I did for their sister the year before.  Always pushing the limit.


We are actively booking senior portraits now:  so if you’re interested in scheduling a shoot

please contact me at 216-621-1977

Hal Stata

Stata Productions

Cleveland Photographer and Graphic Designer work up a great Holiday card

We – Dave Szalay and I just finished working up a great holiday card for a client in Cleveland Ohio. 

Our client had a very strange looking (but cool) looking hairless cat. 

His idea was to get a background and drop himself and his fiancee into the scene with the cat (cats) pulling the sled.  So I found a winter scene in Medina Ohio and pulled the rest of the photography off in the studio.  Dave put everthing together and we had the cards printed.  Everyone was happy.

Cleveland Photographer photographing kids and products.

We just recently had the opportunity to shoot some new products. A client of mine Shaffer Design brought a new shooting challenge in to the studio. Photographing kids and a new cup line. Kids are always fun. The nice thing was we had several of stars to
help out with the shoot. Everyone jumped in to work with the “talent” including the moms.

Aerial, Archectural, Healthcare and Industrial Photography

It’s been another great couple of weeks shooting all different types of work here in Cleveland Ohio.
Started out shooting some interior shots for a private airline company. It’s a good thing I can fit in
small places. We shot actual planes and the construction process of their interiors.

We ended up doing some cool shots for a lighting company in the studio. It’s nice to shoot inside from time to time.
Clients and products come to me instead of packing up the truck and hitting the road….. of course that didn’t last
long and we were out in the elements shooting for a editorial project in the middle of a snow storm. Loved it.

Sometime during the last couple of weeks I ended up doing some healthcare shots in the operating room. Hospitals have an
interesting look of their own. It’s all about the light. Of course I had to dress the part.

We also got involved shooting a brochure for a safty piece. Lawncare and proper gear. Leaves and more leaves.

Throw in a few family and kid portraits for the holidays and there goes November in the midwest.