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Event and Headshot Photography

Keeping busy in Cleveland Ohio and neighboring areas shooting events and portraits.
We often shoot in the studio since we’re so close to downtown Cleveland and all the offices…. but on occasion we’ll take the studio to you. Background, lights, and camera to your location. Very convenient for our clients.
We also shoot award ceremonies, corporate announcements and accomplishments- you name it.

Automotive, Manufacturing and Event Photography

After the winter we’ve had it was nice to shoot in studio and more importantly indoors. If you can’t travel to warm climates
then you make do inside. We have continued to shoot automotive accessory product photography with models. Always fun.
Somebody has to make the handles for rakes and shovels. We get the opportunity to shoot them. The photography wasn’t that
hard but the graphic designer whined when it came to outlining rakes. Not my job… but someone is willing to do it.

We also shoot events. Event photography, award recognition are also a staple of many photographers. We are not
the exception. Lots of fun and demanding.

This particular job was for Sales and Marketing Executives of Cleveland. Award winners include Dawn Southard, Glazen Creative,Toby Cosgrove, Cleveland Clinic and Glen Renwick of Progressive Insurance.

Professional Women Organizations

We started out the week shooting for NAWBO. North American Women’s
Business Organization. One of the applicants found us doing a search
for executive headshots. Lori DeVone of DeVore Technologies will make
a great recipient.
We were also involved in the Go Red for Women. Through the American
Heart Association. Stata Productions had donated the photography
for their annual breakfast event and invitation through Rosenberg
Advertising. The turn out was great and the breakfast was healthy.

The rest of the week had us in the studio shooting fish and on the road shooting
new construction shots.

We finished up doing some executive location portraits for an annual report.