Fresh faces photographed at Stata Productions on the west bank of Cleveland’s “flats”

couplesI just finished uploading a new video of still images I’ve been shooting in the studio.  Mainly to help people see the different shots we can shoot under one roof.  Check it out you might see yourself in here.

Professional photographer heads south to photograph a Political fundraiser


Senator Sherrod Brown

We just finished up with a private dinner fundraiser for Senator Sherrod Brown.  We shot in Allen and Christine Schulman’s  beautiful home  in Canton Ohio.


Connie Schultz

Lots of great photo opportunities…. including the Senator wife Connie Schultz.

Also in attendance was Congressman John Boccieri.

Cleveland Editorial Photographer Shoots Controversal Cover


We were commissioned to shoot some controversal photography for a current magazine in the Cleveland – Akron area last month.  The article was just published and here are a few samples of my work.  april-cover-story-1

I had done some testing before this shoot.  Coming up with some very grainy shots…. which you may have seen

on my facebook page…. I think it was a little to much and the final shots the artist used worked out well.


Location and Studio photography in the great “green” winter.

I’ve been cranking along shooting portraits and location photography.
We’ve had an unexpected warm up considering the record breaking December of 05.
I’ve started to do some shooting for Great Lakes Publishing.
I’ve been fortunate to meet some interesting business leaders.
Been shooting a few ads for different advertising agencies here in town.
We’ve been using various modeling talent agencies to find our talent.
I’m always interested in finding great talent.

We took a trip last week to Kentucky working with Telstar Video productions.
Mike Salemi and I shoot footage and stills of a new conveyor system. State of the art.

Throw in the normal model shots and Cleveland’s manufacturing facilities and you’re shooting in the midwest.