Cleveland Ohio showing off the new Skywalk!





Just finished uploading some great shots of the new Skywalk that I thought  should be posted.  Perfect night and I was able to walk up from the new studio.  Client needed interiors and exteriors – (both day and night ) but the exterior night shots took the show.
_MG_0022 _MG_0023 _MG_0030 _MG_0036_MG_9433


Healthcare and Medical Photography shot in Cleveland, Ohio

Medical Portraits on location

Medical Portraits on location

Just finished a new piece for the internet of some of my medical photography.  Whether shooting prototypes in the studio of new and inventive

Cleveland, Ohio products or in the operating room at one of many of Cleveland’s award winning hospitals Stata Productions has you covered.

Healthcare photography

Healthcare photography

Aviation and Model Photography from a Warmer Cleveland Ohio

I just found the time to post a job we did on the runway when the leaves where on the trees and the weather was warmer… late fall but a beautiful day.  We were working with professional models from 1Layout 1Layout 1

We had a lot of shooting to do and the light was coming and going with the incoming clouds.  We ended up with some great images. Organization and direction was from another great talent  – Liz Fisher _mg_1903

_mg_20671_mg_2031One of my favorite photography productions is photographing people… and professional models can give you any look your after._mg_2122

Photographing Attorneys – Executives in Cleveland Ohio



We had the opportunity to photo an attorney’s office in downtown Cleveland Ohio.  The  job was to depict the people that work there and the environment all in several shots for their website and brochure materials.  We had lots of help with their employees standing in for models.  I believe it worked out great._mg_8867

In this case we had a pre- production tour of the facilities so we could organize a game plan….

we were able to get quite a few shots done in a single shooting day.


In the past we’ve gone in and shot headshots for websites but I believe this show a lot more then the typical portraits._mg_8551

Corner Law office Cleveland Ohio

Corner Law office Cleveland Ohio



Cleveland Editorial Photographer Shoots Controversal Cover


We were commissioned to shoot some controversal photography for a current magazine in the Cleveland – Akron area last month.  The article was just published and here are a few samples of my work.  april-cover-story-1

I had done some testing before this shoot.  Coming up with some very grainy shots…. which you may have seen

on my facebook page…. I think it was a little to much and the final shots the artist used worked out well.


Cleveland Photographer Shoots United Way Campaign.

We had a lot of fun and got some great shots of some exciting people at a recent United Way campaign shoot.  We set up a studio on location and just kept the people coming thru. _mg_1247_mg_1257_mg_1465_mg_1281

We photographed all ages and everyone brought their A game.


Cleveland Photographer and Graphic Designer work up a great Holiday card

We – Dave Szalay and I just finished working up a great holiday card for a client in Cleveland Ohio. 

Our client had a very strange looking (but cool) looking hairless cat. 

His idea was to get a background and drop himself and his fiancee into the scene with the cat (cats) pulling the sled.  So I found a winter scene in Medina Ohio and pulled the rest of the photography off in the studio.  Dave put everthing together and we had the cards printed.  Everyone was happy.

Cleveland Photography Photographs A Private School. It’s Academic.

Classroom studiesWorking with the smart boardTeacher and students

I know we’re covered up with snow in northern Ohio but believe the leaves fell we shot one more shoot at a private school on the east side of Cleveland Ohio.  Always a pleasure and the ladies did a great job pretending I wasn’t there.

We picked a day where the weather and conditions were perfect.  School days

Shooting Health Care thru the eyes of a Cleveland Photographer

Hospital Interior MichiganProfessional Healthcare

HealthcareOperating table

We’ve been busy in  Cleveland, Indy and Michigan shooting promotional images and Virtual Tours for several area health care providers.  The people that work in these service areas have been great. We are often hired directly but sometimes we have the added bonus of an Advertising agencies insight. Which helps with the flow of the shoot.  The industry seems to be growing and there has been a great deal  of opportunity to make these locations shine.

Physical TherapyState of the Art Professional Heathcare equipment

Cleveland Photographer photographs School Academics

One of my favorite subjects to photograph are people.  People on the job, lifestyle, in the studio, or at their higher educational institutes.   We recently had the opportunity to shoot at a trade school located outside greater Cleveland, Ohio.  These kids and adults are working towards learning a trade to improve themselves and net worth.

On a lighter side (no pun intended) we did some promotional, web and collateral work for a private school just after the kids went on summer vacation.  We asked some of the students to come in and pose for a few shots.  Although the weather was hot the kids hung in there and we were able to pull off some great shots.