Cleveland Photographer Shoots the DMSA Awards

It’s that time of year again and we just finished shooting the DMSA Awards Ceremony.
The Distinguished Marketing & Sales Awards where held at the Renaissance Hotel by Sales and Marketing Executives of Cleveland. Always a great networking event with the award winners and their entourage. This years Business executive of the year was Sandy Cutler of Eaton. “Sandy” and SME event chair Bob Dracon handed out awards to numerous winners including: Adam Chafe or Sherwin-Williams, Mike Malley of Crains Cleveland, John Martin of Colortone staging, and Stuart Weitzman of the Cleveland Clinic.

We start out shooting the cocktail hour and then we have our lights set up in a separate room for the big group shot. After dinner it’s time to hand out those glass

Banking Branding Professional Photography in Cleveland Ohio

We just finished shooting in a vault of all things some new interiors for Key Bank. Not the best place for phone reception but very quiet. Branding is a hot keyword these
days and it’s as important to banking as it ever has been. The new interior and exterior looks made a big splash to this banks new look.

Architecture, Animals, Awards Photography

Wow! It’s been a very busy few weeks in the Cleveland Photography market. It’s way past time to update the blog. I started
out shooting some great product shots on the westside of Cleveland. The agency I had worked with and I hired a couple
of models to pose in a few camping shots. Started out nice but by the end of the day the weather came screaming in.

Once the rain came I was off to shoot an awards dinner and party. Always fun.

The next morning I was off to do a field goose hunt with a friend from the backpackers shop. He brought a blind buddy – made for a good shot. No birds though. Nice sunrise.

The following week found us shooting quite of few architectural photography jobs for a couple of buildings on the westside and
the eastside. Beautiful homes.

During the week we shot for a corporate professional speaker group and pulled off some portraits and a campy photo shoot for a holday card designer Dave Szalay was working on.

Friday night and Saturday morning the weather had opened up and allowed me to shoot a downtown architectural shot I
had been waiting to shoot. Between the construction crew and schedule I was worried we wouldn’t squeeze this out of
state job in.