Cleveland Photographer Shoots Kids in Flight Charity Event.


We just finished this Saturday with the production of Kids in Flight Charity event.  Everyone was in high spirits and there was a huge group

of volunteers to make everything run smoothly.  Continental Airlines not only supplied the hanger for the event but the huge prop for a background.

What a sponsor.


Marie Weybrecht event was a huge success, again.


Aviation and Model Photography from a Warmer Cleveland Ohio

I just found the time to post a job we did on the runway when the leaves where on the trees and the weather was warmer… late fall but a beautiful day.  We were working with professional models from 1Layout 1Layout 1

We had a lot of shooting to do and the light was coming and going with the incoming clouds.  We ended up with some great images. Organization and direction was from another great talent  – Liz Fisher _mg_1903

_mg_20671_mg_2031One of my favorite photography productions is photographing people… and professional models can give you any look your after._mg_2122

Aviation repair and updating in Cleveland Akron Ohio

We just finished shooting another Shaffer Design aviation shoot. This time we were out to Hopkins International Airport. We were covering repairs and reconditioning of various airplanes in a huge hanger.

The lighting in the hanger was pretty decent but we supplemented with my strobes, and even some flash on camera so we could move quicker.

I’ve always enjoyed photographing people on the job.

Commercial Photography in Cleveland Ohio

This week kept me fairly busy. I had a couple of portraits in the studio. Which were
a little different from my normal executive headshots.
Then I had to push it even farther. Love that photoshop.

We then went out and shot some buffing and cleaning of a few planes for Cleveland
aviation air charter company’s website.

Towards the end of week we picked up a job for a chicago trading company that had
us update their images for a new brochure.

Just another week of commercial photography in Cleveland Ohio. Some people call it work.