Cleveland Photographer photographs in the factory.

Flashes back to the days of film… cut my teeth on factory photography in the eighties.  Oil on the floor and in the air.  Companies would bring professional photographers in to shoot their dark and dirty processes and people.  You have to know what your doing ….. it’s all about the lights.


Cleveland Photographer Photographs Trade/Law Schools


It’s been awhile since our last post and I have tons of special photography projects that I’ve been working on.

We’ll start out with more school photography.  Students are great to work with and they love the projects  they are doing.


Then we were off to another fast shoot from one trade endeavor to the next at a school in Cleveland Ohio.

Students and teachers were great and once again we were able to pull out some great shots.





Cleveland Photographer photographs School Academics

One of my favorite subjects to photograph are people.  People on the job, lifestyle, in the studio, or at their higher educational institutes.   We recently had the opportunity to shoot at a trade school located outside greater Cleveland, Ohio.  These kids and adults are working towards learning a trade to improve themselves and net worth.

On a lighter side (no pun intended) we did some promotional, web and collateral work for a private school just after the kids went on summer vacation.  We asked some of the students to come in and pose for a few shots.  Although the weather was hot the kids hung in there and we were able to pull off some great shots.

Professional Cleveland Photographer Crosses State Lines.

We just hit the road and was given the opportunity to shoot some Indy Sprint cars.
The road to Indianapolis Indiana was crazy with big winds and tons of rain but we made it in no time. Dropped equipment off at Tony Stewarts facilities and went to find some dinner. Next day found all of us at the “garage” – a huge facility with everything you could image to run a racing team or two. We were shooting a couple of sprint cars one being for driver Donny Schatz. Our team made quick work of setting up a studio on location and began shooting away at different angles and sides of these cool looking racing cars.

Here is one of several locations these images will end up. Nice work.

Architecture – Product – Portrait Photography

These particular building shots were done for a firm that built on a large expansion in the great Cleveland area.
We then had an opportunity to shoot some promotional portraits for a spokesman for a local advertising agency. This guy was some character.

We shot with the understanding that various promotional cards would be dropped into his arms with photoshop.
The last shot I’m posting is a comparison of one of my portraits. My client had actually been told by her company to go to another professional photo studio in town and have her headshot taken there. The image on the left is what she had done there the image to the right was shot by Stata Productions. I think the comparison speaks for itself.

Automotive, Manufacturing and Event Photography

After the winter we’ve had it was nice to shoot in studio and more importantly indoors. If you can’t travel to warm climates
then you make do inside. We have continued to shoot automotive accessory product photography with models. Always fun.
Somebody has to make the handles for rakes and shovels. We get the opportunity to shoot them. The photography wasn’t that
hard but the graphic designer whined when it came to outlining rakes. Not my job… but someone is willing to do it.

We also shoot events. Event photography, award recognition are also a staple of many photographers. We are not
the exception. Lots of fun and demanding.

This particular job was for Sales and Marketing Executives of Cleveland. Award winners include Dawn Southard, Glazen Creative,Toby Cosgrove, Cleveland Clinic and Glen Renwick of Progressive Insurance.

Architecture, headshots and product photography in Cleveland Ohio.

Well it’s been a crazy last couple of months and of course I can’t believe that I haven’t posted since November.
Between the holidays, the photography and sports afield – is that enough excuses? We were actually out shooting
architecture in November and and December. That’s crazy…. but then we’ve had a crazy winter.

The photography business is a collaboration of a lot of different opportunities. Thru the last several months we
shot holiday parties and events, model portfolios, product photography, photographic illustrations, printed and web
work. It’s never the same and always is changing.
One of the things that sets us a part is that we act as virtual photographers for many clients. I’ve often had graphic and
creative designers direct me from the comfort of their offices while I shoot. We’ll shoot a product shot and then resize
and email or ftp the image for approval. Most agencies are so booked with work that they can’t afford to send a creative
off site. Thus the virtual photographer.

We had some fun with one agency in town. They came up with this idea for one of their client to do some photographic
illustrations of common automotive equipment. This group and is always pushing the envelope when it comes to
fun and unusual shots. Love to work for. They sell the idea I do the shots.

We also did some interesting food shots – splashing liquid photography. What a mess but the results were great.

Of course we did some bread and butter of this industry and shots many, many, headshot, fashion, and family photography for clients and friends.