Cleveland Photographer shoots the Adirondack Mountains


Or at least fish the Adirondack Mountains. Just came back from our annual trip up north…. northern New York state. Rain, wind, rain, snow – you name it … of course you would not know it from these photos.
Here is a shot of the key VIP’s – Jake Stata in the bow. Photo taken by Jeff James. Nice. Black canoe, loaded and on the move. Just coming into ST. Regis ponds. Check out the video for all the shots.

Cleveland Photographer Shoots Glow in the Dark Fish – with a camera!


We recently did a photo shoot for a General Electric Ad using glow in the dark fish.  I’ve never heard of such

a animal but here they are.. and small.  These guys are about a half of an inch long.  Here are a few raw shots that were used to come up with the finished  ad.


Here is the link for the final layout:

Out Cold.

Cleveland Photographer and Designer product Outdoor Toy Products

I just came up with all the images to show some of our toy product design and photography.  With the help of fellow artist Dave Potokar we came up with some great designs for a local outdoor toy company’s line of kids toys.  From sketch, to design, layout, photography helped our client to get to the retail store shelves.statahuntsmanhuntsman_waterfowl_finalhunter_standee_mg_4183_mg_5926_mg_5956

Pet Product Photography – women and cats

We did a shoot of women and cats for a pet supply company. The cats actually worked out very well. It’s always fun working
with animals. You never know what they’ll do. The models worked out well too but you’d expect that. The client was looking
for some original cat and women photography for their new product line. They had a difficult time finding stock photography
for their packaging shots. Lucky for us.

We had a couple of cats but Moose here seemed to be the best model.