Cleveland Photographer Shooting Virtual Tours

statavr1We’ve been shooting quite a few high resolution Virtual Reality tours of Health care facilities, manufacturing plants, and aviation – The process is not the same as what the real estate market uses.  These tours are made up of ten vertical images stitched together to allow the viewer to see a 360 degree scene of a room, facility or inside a plane.

Here are a few pieces stretched out for you to see the process.


Cleveland Photographer Photographs Trade/Law Schools


It’s been awhile since our last post and I have tons of special photography projects that I’ve been working on.

We’ll start out with more school photography.  Students are great to work with and they love the projects  they are doing.


Then we were off to another fast shoot from one trade endeavor to the next at a school in Cleveland Ohio.

Students and teachers were great and once again we were able to pull out some great shots.





Cleveland Photography Photographs A Private School. It’s Academic.

Classroom studiesWorking with the smart boardTeacher and students

I know we’re covered up with snow in northern Ohio but believe the leaves fell we shot one more shoot at a private school on the east side of Cleveland Ohio.  Always a pleasure and the ladies did a great job pretending I wasn’t there.

We picked a day where the weather and conditions were perfect.  School days